Vegan Andes Mints

Truth be told, my tummy issues are not as much of a problem since being pregnant. Really, it’s a thing! I know many women who were lactose intolerant before baby, and…poof! After baby, they can handle dairy like a champ (or…like a normal person…). However, while I can enjoy dairy now with limited consequence, I still know that it is not healthiest choice for me—the evidence is right on my face for all to see (and inside my body for nobody to see). Did you know that dairy makes us breakout? Really. That’s a thing too. So, I still avoid it as much as possible.

This sinfully (dare I say) healthy dessert is so creamy, so delicious, it will trick your taste buds into thinking you are eating dairy-filled chocolate. But you’re not! And also? The common (old) warning that chocolate can cause breakouts? SO not a thing. Really.

Creamy Vegan Andes Mints


2 cups dark chocolate (dairy-free! I use Trader Joe’s dark chocolate), roughly chopped

2 tablespoons unrefined, virgin coconut oil

12 drops food-grade peppermint essential oil (I use Doterra)

*I’m sure you can use peppermint extract if you do not want to purchase essential oils. As for the amount, start with 1/4 teaspoon and taste the chocolate to see if you would like more!


Fill a small saucepan less than halfway with water and heat to boiling. Place a small to medium glass bowl over the water and make sure the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water at all. Lower your heat to a simmer.

Add your chocolate to the glass bowl, stirring occasionally as the chocolate slowly melts. Once melted and smooth, turn off your heat and add in your coconut oil. Stir well. Add in your peppermint oil and let mixture cool a bit in the bowl.

Choose your pan: square cake pan, loaf pan, etc. Line it with parchment paper for easy removal later, and pour in your chocolaty goodness. I let mine sit on the counter for a while until much cooler.

Chill in your refrigerator until set, a few hours. When you’re ready, remove the parchment paper from your pan and cut however you’d like!

This delectable candy gets pretty soft when left out, so I keep mine in the fridge (UPDATE: I LEFT THIS OUT ONE DAY AND IT WAS THE CONSISTENCY OF FUDGE!! YUM!!). It’s the perfect after school treat for this (still) hot weather we’ve been having, but it’s also perfect for the holidays!