Fresh Trout Over Zucchini and Carrot Ribbons

This is one of those delicious, healthy, easy, fast meals that is great to have in your cooking arsenal. The ingredients are fresh, easy to find, and taste amazing together. This meal is light, but it will leave you feeling satisfied and as if you just did something nice for your body, ‘cause, well, you did!

I’ve been including a lot more veggies into my diet and have been adding green juices a few times a week as well, and I love how I am feeling! It really is true that sugar and refined carbs make us feel bad. That, of course, does not stop me from delighting in sweet treats from time to time! You’ve got to live your life, and entirely denying yourself of the things you love is just sad. But, moderation is key, of course. I eat healthy food (free of sugar, refined carbs, and dairy) 90% of the time. I feel good about that number. And while eating no sugar at all does amazing things to my body, mind, and skin (try it for a month and see!), that does not stop me from enjoying wine on occasion (I love my wine) and sweets from time to time. Currently, I am obsessed with perfecting a gluten free chocolate chip cookie. Five batches later, I am getting a little closer…  Meanwhile, Colin is helping me NOT eat all of them by taking the rest to work. Everyone wins! Stay tuned…

This quick and tasty meal, however, is one you can always feel good about. You’ll love it!

Fresh Trout Over Zucchini and Carrot Ribbons

serves 2

1 package fresh trout or tilapia (Trader Joe’s)

2 medium-small zucchini

2 medium-small carrots

Juice from 1 lemon

Extra virgin olive oil

Freshly ground sea salt and black pepper to taste

Optional garnishes:

A handful of kalamata olives, chopped


a tablespoon capers

A few sprigs of chives, torn or chopped


Move your cooking rack to the highest rung, and heat your broiler to high heat. Place your broiler pan (or cookie sheet) under the flame to pre-heat for 3-4 minutes.

Meanwhile, lightly drizzle each fish filet with olive oil on both sides. When broiler pan is hot, add the filets skin side down. Squeeze ½ a small lemon on top of the fish and add your salt and pepper to taste.

Broil for about 5 minutes, or until cooked through and beginning to crisp.

Meanwhile, using a potato peeler, peel one zucchini and carrot per person. Drizzle with olive oil, a wedge of lemon and top with a bit of salt and pepper.

Lay fish over the veggies, and add another squeeze of lemon and your garnishes, if using.

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