Grilled Thai Chicken

Many people with sensitive stomachs feel so restricted with what they can eat. All of the food that they can’t eat dances in their thoughts and in their dreams, and all of a sudden they notice it more—everywhere. Oh, look: (insert dangerously yummy food item here). Another thing I can’t have! They look at what their friends are eating with longing and the despairing feeling that they just can’t eat anything. Yes, there really are a good amount of restrictions, but on the bright side, there is so much people like us can eat! Spices will be your best friend. You definitely don’t have to miss out on flavor!

With this chicken, you will feel normal again. You can have really delicious food, that is amazingly flavorful, healthy, and that leaves you completely satisfied. Best part? You can make this for family and friends and they won’t notice anything missing either. Win, win! Worst part? You probably have to share it with family and friends.

We love Thai food, so this spicy, savory, moist chicken is fantastic. We pair it with a light, tart white wine, like a good Sauvignon Blanc or a Fume Blanc. It’s the perfect meal!

Grilled Thai Chicken

Serves 3-6

1 package organic, boneless, skinless chicken thighs (Trader Joe’s!)

¾ cup full-fat coconut milk (I use Whole Foods brand)

1 inch peeled ginger, chopped

1 tablespoon  ground coriander

2 tablespoons packed brown sugar

2 limes zested and juiced

1 tablespoon red chili pepper flakes (medium spicy)

1 tablespoon kosher salt, plus ¼ teaspoon

5-6 good grinds of freshly ground pepper

Optional (but not needed! Promise)

*3 cloves garlic

*3-4 stems green onions

10 basil leaves (I didn’t use these, but you can if you would like)


Add all marinade ingredients to a food processor, and blend until smooth (adding optional items, if using). Pour your marinade into a gallon zip lock bag, and then add your chicken thighs. Marinate in fridge for 2-4 hours (2 is great).

*If you have a sensitive tummy due to IBS, you can crush the garlic with the back of your knife and add it whole to the marinade (after blending it), making sure to discard it before you cook the chicken. I left out the garlic entirely and the chicken was fabulous. You also add the white parts of the green onions to the marinade, and discard before cooking, adding the green parts to the top of the chicken before serving. If you are in the elimination period of the FODMAPs diet, just leave both the garlic and onions out to be safe.

Preheat your grill to medium high heat. Remove thighs from the marinade and cook on grill for about 12-14 minutes (6-7 minutes per side).

When chicken is done, place on a clean plate and cover with aluminum foil for about 5-10 minutes, so the meat can rest and hold its juices.

Serve with any side dish you wish: white rice, roasted veggies, quinoa, or over a simple salad. I served it over a simple arugula salad: 2 good handfuls of arugula, a drizzle of olive oil, juice from ½ a lime, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Toss and serve under the chicken!