Food Intolerance, FODMAPS Diet, and Me.

It’s not easy to live with any type of food intolerance. The constant fear of this enemy (whichever one it is: they are all ruthless! ) encroaching on your wonderful day and well-feeling belly–punctuated by the occasional all out internal battle with it, as it’s somehow found a way through all your questions and careful ordering at restaurants–is just enough to drive you insane, or at least make you look it.

I’ve suffered from gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, and the most recently diagnosed IBS, for years. Some people feel bad for me, and sometimes I curse these limiting food sensitivities. But, I have found that it is so much better to know and to follow a diet that leaves me feeling good, rather than being in constant pain and discomfort. I am living the best, happiest, and healthiest life I can! That is nothing to feel sorry for.

I felt bad for years, (years!) but I didn’t know that this feeling was not normal. I had been tested for Celiac Disease, and the doctors said I had a mild case and that it would only get worse over time. This was scary to me, as people who have Celiac (and who don’t follow the gluten-free diet) are more likely to develop intestinal and bowel cancer, can have problems with infertility, and suffer from malnutrition. So I tried to cut it out, but it was only through meeting my now husband (yay, newlyweds!) and trying the Paleo diet with him (he’s a Cross Fitter), that I realized how awful gluten and dairy made me feel and how rewarding it is to stay away! Once I cut them out, it was miraculous. I felt amazing. Normal. It was brilliant. I’ve been off both ever since.

My newest battle with IBS has been annoying, to say the least. But, because of my war against gluten and dairy, I knew it would be worth it to try a strict FODMAP diet. I’ve never felt better! I’ve learned to modify recipes in favor of the well-being of my belly and mind. I’ve created many dishes that are healthy, flavorful, and make me feel good. Isn’t that the point of food? To nourish the body and soul? I’m pretty sure it is not to make you feel like you want to surrender to the enemy.

Below is a comprehensive chart that I’ve put together from various sources online and my own personal experience. I continue to change it as I learn more! Try not to see this list as limiting. It might certainly feel that way at first, but these are the foods to eat that will make you feel great, and some that will most likely make you feel bad. Would you rather feel bad…or good? I feel like the list is more empowering—not limiting. I’m in charge of how I want to feel daily. And that feels pretty good.


Banana (not too ripe),* blueberry, boysenberry, cantaloupe, cranberry, durian, grape (no more than 10), grapefruit, honeydew melon, kiwifruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, orange, passionfruit, pawpaw, pineapple, raspberry, rhubarb, rockmelon, star anise, strawberry, tangelo–buy organic when possible, or use a fruit wash.–Stay away from dried fruit. Alfalfa, bamboo shoots, bean, shoots, bok choy, carrot, celery, choko, choy sum, cucumber, *eggplant, endive, ginger, green beans, *lettuce, olives (non-marinated), parsnip, potato, pumpkin, red bell pepper, *silverbeet, spinach, *spring onion, (butternut or winter) squash, swede, sweet potato, taro, *fresh tomato, turnip, yam, *zucchini.*These vegetables can bother some people. Tomato paste and sauce should be avoided. Cerealsgluten-free bread orcereal productsBread100% spelt bread





arrowroot, millet,

psyllium, quinoa,

sorgum, tapioca


–basically, eat gluten free!

milklactose-free milk,gluen-free oat milk, rice milk, almond milk, *soy milk–check for additives*cheeses

hard cheeses,  brie, camembert


lactose-free varieties



sorbet, almond milk ice cream, *soy milk ice cream

butter substitutes

olive oil, grapeseed extract


*Soy products bother some people A LOT. All cheeses should be avoided, in my opinion.

Tofu*Nuts/seedssweetenerssugar* (sucrose),glucose, artificial

sweeteners not

ending in ‘-ol’

honey substitutes

golden syrup*,

maple syrup*,

molasses, treacle


*small quantities



basil, chili, coriander, cumin,

ginger, lemongrass,

marjoram, mint,

oregano, parsley,

rosemary, thyme, turmeric



Mayonnaise, mustard, *gluten free soy sauce, vinegars, homemade broth


*soy products can bother some people. Stay away from them to be safe.

Eliminate Foods Containing FODMAPs


fruitapple, applesauce, mango, nashi,pear, tinned fruitin natural juice,watermelon


fructose, high fructose

corn syrup

large total

fructose dose

concentrated fruit

sources, large servings

of fruit, dried fruit,

fruit juice


corn syrup, fruisana


*stay away from dried fruit!

milkmilk from cows, goatsor sheep, custard,ice cream, yoghurtcheeses

soft unripened cheeses

eg. cottage, cream,

mascarpone, ricotta


**Stay away from all cheese/lactose, especially during the elimination phase of the FODMAPs diet.

vegetablesartichoke, asparagus,beetroot, broccoli,brussel sprouts,cabbage, eggplant,

fennel, garlic, leek,

okra, onion (all),

shallots, spring onion, summer squash,


wheat and rye, in large

amounts eg. bread,

crackers, cookies,

couscous, pasta


custard apple,




chicory, dandelion,

inulin, pistachio


*stay away from gluten

legumesbaked beans, black beans,chickpeas,kidney beans,lentils,

soy beans

fruitapple, apricot, avocado,blackberry, cherry,longon, lychee, nashi,nectarine, peach, pear,

plum, prune, watermelon


cauliflower, green

capsicum (bell pepper),

mushroom, sweet corn


sorbitol (420)

mannitol (421)

isomalt (953)

maltitol (965)

xylitol (967)

Other: Pickles, relish, coconut, jams, jellies, chutney, molasses, soy, many salad dressings, large amounts of nutsTry to stay away from alcohol!Fortified wines: sherry, port