Cornmeal Crusted Tomatoes

Our honeymoon in Bend, Oregon was simply amazing. We relaxed, ate unbelievably tasty food, and drank incredible wine and locally roasted coffee. It was the perfect town for us to visit, especially because they are so health conscious! Every restaurant had gluten-free options, and they were very accommodating. We wanted to move there immediately after our short 5 day sojourn. The people were genuine, and the area was breathtaking. Most nights, we would walk down to the river after another scrumptious dinner and sit snuggling on a bench, watching the sunset and kids feeding the ducks.

One of the amazingly tasty and simple side dishes that we enjoyed for breakfast was these cornmeal crusted tomatoes, which they served at Chow. They were the perfect complement to eggs and bacon, and the many other dishes we tried there.

One of the things I love about cooking is how you can make something that has the power to take you back to a specific time and place, and to the way you felt when you were there. Music and pictures do this for sure, but there is something different about when food does this. There are so many more senses involved in the cooking and the eating, so the memory is brighter and the feeling is reduced to a thicker, more syrupy version—viscous and warm. I like to revel in these feelings, enjoying the present while remembering the past: the best of both worlds.

Cornmeal Crusted Tomatoes

Serves 2

2 medium or large tomatoes (mine were heirloom)

2-4 tablespoons of coarse cornmeal (Whole Foods)

Sea salt and pepper to taste

Sprinkle of parsley or chives


Preheat your broiler to high, and cut off the tops of the tomatoes, so there is a flat surface. Sprinkle the cut tomato tops with a good coat of salt and pepper. Sprinkle on a good layer of cornmeal, I used about 2 tablespoons, maybe less. You want it covered, but not mounded on.

Broil for around 4-5 minutes (keep a close eye on them!) or before the cornmeal starts to burn.

Sprinkle with the parsley or chives as a garnish, and serve with your breakfast or other meal of choice!